🍊🍊Happy Lunar new year !

Coollink D&D

Lo hei dinner with coollink! The cny vibes has started already woohoo ~ realized some companies choose to hold their D&D at the start of the year to celebrate the lunar new year together , all in one:) good Glad to be chosen to be part of their yearly event. It is indeed my pleasure to bringing joy and smile to faces, suggesting games to play and seeing them enjoying every moment.🤗 Love the Huat Huat and lohei atmosphere. As a female emcee, sometimes I thought there’s a limitation to what I can say or do, but it doesn’t seems so cause I just be myself and didn’t care about “image” at all. Not your usual glamorous female mc Haha. It makes my day to see thumbs up given from the audience, that means a lot to me! More Huat Huat lunch and dinner after the cny weeknd, Lai Lai ong lai Lai liao, heng ong Huat ah!

Bump into friends too as they are the live band that evening. Sabo me to sing baby shark on stage 😆 emcee Paige cannot sing so that’s why she be mc ma