Shopee livestream experience

My very first livestream experience is on Shopee ! Anyone watched Shopee Livestream before? I didn’t expect myself to enjoy so much, felt so energised after the session. Well it’s different from my usual roadshow, stageshow, and acting. Kinda different from TVC too, but somehow it’s like a combination of everything. Although I can’t see physical audience around me, except the producer and co-host Zoe, I can still interact and felt the presence of audience from the comments. Hope to have more opportunities like this👍🏻 .

If you’re curious and kaypoh wanna watch, you may watch the Olay livestream replay from Shopee app in GooglePlay or AppStore 🙂

screenshot of my livestream on Shopee
screenshot of me on Shopee Live
only on Shopee App, replay OLAY to watch!
replay from Shopee app

CB and everthing is moving online

Everyone being good boys and girls complying with the circuit breaker measures. We are all fighting this virus as one #sgunited. Hence I guess most of us are doing online shopping more often than before. Shop for food especially. Clothes? I rather shop for PJ :p .

My second opportunity with Shopee Livestream ain’t smooth cause the wifi at home doesn’t seems to support well. It’s very laggy and my face keep getting stuck at some ugly expression. The viewers can’t hear me clearly too. I am so sorry didn’t know what went wrong and got to stop halfway. Infact I am very much looking forward to that session as I am selling both Milk powder (Enfagrow) and Condom (Durex) on Shopee Livestream. Will be fun to do the giveaways vouchers and items. I did so much homework and prepwork, digesting the points and promo, so can’t help to feel disappointed that it didn’t went on as expected.

Moving on…

Felt like a show not executed well, emo. Glad to have fellow emcee friends who can understand what I am going through :,). Anyway that’s life, gotta move on! let’s see when I get Shopee Livestream opportunity again. This is getting addictive. Consider doing FB live and chat with friends family and fans :P.