Mediacorp Ch8 drama project

Did you spot me on TV recently? Was involved in a few episodes of Mediacorp channel8 weekday 9pm – 单翼天使. Extremely honoured to have the opportunity to work with Mediacorp veteran actress ahjie Zoe Tay. She’s kind and patient with everyone! She also offer to ordered drinks for the crew when the shoot overruns till pass dinner time. The crew and director were all so patient and professional.

with Mediacorp Ahjie Zoe Tay
with Zoe Tay

I am honoured to be guided by one of the best. Thankful for her golden advice 💕 She will advise how I should position myself so that the camera can capture me etc.

Acting is not just about the script…

is about how you express it – naturally and professionally. Why do I say professionally cause got to take note of every little (many) details such as-

  • where to stand so won’t block other actors
  • aware on where to hide the mic and device, yes pro right can’t tell all the actors and actresses have mic on them on EVERY scene.
  • remember last standing position so got continuation when camera man shoot from another angle
  • when to come/walk into screen, timing important!
  • not just memorising your lines, need to listen to other actor words and reply as if it’s the first time you heard him/her
  • walk from where to where how many steps required, aware of the space
  • timing to start talking, expression and eye contact etc. To reply naturally is also a skill when you expected yourself to reply what you already known what to real.
  • outfit – ring and earring, if its a Conti-scene, please wear back the same earring or make sure your ring is worn on the same and as where you wore it in the previous shoot
  • let me recall and input more when I thought of it >.<

I am amazed by ahjie, cause she damn pro. Her lines/script is so long but she can memorise them in such a short time only needing to repeat and read through a few times. It’s constant cause after this scene is done, next scene with another long lines of script again, she did it swiftly. Super respect. Another impressive moment is I see how she can act with just her “Face”. her eyes can talk, the face can talk, her mouth can talk without opening too. Can see what she’s trying to express without speaking See through how she feel, yes to that extend.

If were to choose acting or hosting…

I hope to have more acting opportunity as it is really quite fun. Back to the question, I would still choose hosting. expected? Memorising script and needing to perform out word for word, is indeed stressful. I rather get the script, content and freeplay on stage. Just personal preference after experiencing and comparing. Still whichever opportunity comes, I am gonna grab’em all! Hope to get more projects from Mediacorp, thank you in advance!