James ❤️ Kate Wedding

Always feel it’s a fate when couple found me and got me to host for their wedding. Strangers at first but slowly in such a short time at the wedding, their friends and family starts to treat me like part of their wedding guests. Or rather friends of the couple. Probably I seem to warm up faster with everyone of all ages.

It came a long way for me to host wedding. Very first emcee experience was for my cousin a decade ago. That got me hooked. Initially only host wedding for close friends and family cause I felt it’s more intimate that way and easier when I know the crowd. slowly got request from new clients to host for their wedding and got out of my comfort zone. Indeed I am glad to make a difference to their special day, with their precious ones – relatives and friends. Hearing guests saying

“wedding feels different with a professional emcee around!”

Creating special candid moments, making guests feel it’s not just attending a dinner eat and take photos, but it’s a celebration! Glad to warm up the crowd and make them feel the love. Making it a memorable celebration. Also a little advise to couple, indeed wedding is your very special day, since already spend for wedding, why not budget a little for wedding emcee to make that occasion a little extraordinary for you and your guests! Still feeling amazed that fate gave me chances to make new friends through hosting. James & Kate, you both are so sincere and lovely, happy marriage to both of you! Grateful to be part of your special day♥️

James & Kate
Wedding cake from Slice of Life