SME DigitalFest 2020 – Exabytes

Yes emcee Paige is back to work, this time with Exabytes. Glad that I can still host from home during this CB (circuit breaker). I will be your virtual online emcee facilitating the SME Digital Transformation Festival (Singapore) organised by Exabytes.

It’s Happening!

Grab your cup of coffee or milo (my fav!) and sit in front of your laptop. Watch me introduce these speakers to you on 27&28th April, coming Monday and Tuesday, from 9am-12pm. It’s gonna be live on Exabytes (SG)Facebook. I am sure most of us are gonna benefit from these sessions. Especially inspiring business owners, SMEs or self employed persons like myself. These tips will be useful for us on how to cope with the current Covid-19 situation and turn “crisis” into “opportunities” with technologies and accessible platforms.

We will be sharing topic related to bringing traditional businesses from offline to online, reaching reach out to more people via online. Since now everyone is working from home (wfh), eventually time spend on the internet is significantly higher than before.

Info overloaded…

Glad to force myself to read up and learn new things whenever I am thrown with shows like this. Not exactly unfamiliar with the topic but there’s so much more I didn’t know. While doing my homework for this webinar, I took the chance to learn new skills. So looking forward to get more insights from these renowned speakers.

This event is hosted by Exabytes SG. DigitalFest 2020 is an effective platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), relevant industry players and experts to gather and have in-depth discussions and gain a thorough understanding of developments and specific current business challenges, opportunities and trends.

Sharing more details below:

Venue: Facebook Live

For more info., visit:

Oh if you missed it, I guess you can just replay as it will be recorded. Else see you there!

SME DigitalFest 2020 on 27 & 28 April by Exabytes Singapore on Facebook Live
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8 speakers for SME DigitalFest 2020 by Exabytes Singapore on Facebook Live
Panel of speakers

MONDAY, 27 April 2020

9am – Vickson, Senior VP of Marketing, Exabytes: How to transform your traditional business to online business?

9.45am – Marcus Ho, Founder, Brew Interactive: How marketers can stay productive during COVID-19?

10.30am – Anthony Cheah, Product Executive, EasyWork : How to have a structured remote working environment?

11.15am – Tom Koh, CEO, Principal SEO Consultant of MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd: DIY SEO Your Way Out Of The Covid-19 Crisis.

TUESDAY, 28 April 2020

9am – Sean Tay, CEO, MatrixC: Work RE:Imagined.

9.45am – Huey Jie, Internet Marketing Executive, EasyParcel: Sending Parcels from Home during the Circuit Breaker Period.

10.30am – Eric Lian, Marketing Executive, EasyStore: Bring Your Business Online In One Day.

11.15am – Ng Jionghan, Co-founder of Novocall, Novocall: Sales realignment in COVID-19.