Introducing Virtual Emcee Paige!

Emcee Paige is asking how’s everyone doing during this covid19 pandemic and the CB or CCB – continued circuit breaker period. Moving your life to online? kinda for me. While everyone is everyone is wfh – working from home, and encouraged to stay home, many events in Singapore are slowly going online. Recently I have been invited to wine tasting course online, like how? Basically you can get the organiser or the sommelier to send those bottles of wine to your place. Then the sommelier will explain and take you through the experience via online streaming platform such as zoom, streamyard, Facebook live etc.

There are more companies holding virtual events in Singapore

Virtual museum, online yoga classes, online Live Band etc. That means I am also part of essential service to host and work from home too. Oh yes catch me online next week on Facebook live with Exabytes on 27th & 28th April 2020, 9am-12pm for a webinar. SME DigitalFest (SG) an effective platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Relavant industry players and experts to gather and have in-depth discussion. Gain thorough understanding of developments and specific current business challenges, opportunities and trends. Do sign up!

Hosting live stream = New but not so new to me..

I am fortunate to have acting experience as it does help when coming to host show online. At least I can get used to talking to the lens and also talking to myself most of the time. That’s where I need my imagination to do the work to visualise there are audience aka viewers on the other side of the screen.

emcee Paige on Shopee Live stream for Olay
Shopee live stream for OLAY

if you’d like to view, only Shopee app can view lifestreams 🙂

With technology nowadays, trends are different now. If you are organising events online in Singapore you can find virtual emcees like myself hehe. Would love to take this chance to expand my portfolio to be a webinar emcee. Feels like a talkshow emcee too, can interact with virtual audience on these livestream platform via their comments.

As an EO how are you guys adapting to the current climate

Most of you have to act up as a tech guy to manage these platform at the backend to ensure transitions are smooth between screens and speakers. Also to liaise between client and host and speakers, soon you can name yourself as Virtual events solution company! So if you are looking for virtual events emcee please feel free to drop me a text or whatsapp or email do stay in touch 🙂