[Updated 2022] Lazada Livestream Lazlive host

In 2021 I have upgraded from Paige meimei to Paige mama! With that upgraded status I am back at Lazlive doing more mummy related brands’ such as Lazada Family club and Mamypoko. I am also glad to be doing fashion brands like Abercrombie & Fitch when they newly launch on Lazmall in November 2021. Thankfully I can fit into their dresses 🙂 To be honest the area outside studio has some nice place for some insta-worthy shots decided to post some here!

posted on my ig as well https://www.instagram.com/emceepaige/

so let’s see, till date (24th Jan 2022), I have hosted 26 Lazlive. Looking forward to more ! Have compiled a list here

13 Jan 2022 AOne

27 Dec 2021 Mamypoko

22 Dec 2021 Nioxin

20 Dec 2021 Vitabiotics with BongQiuQiu

6 Dec 2021 Bose with Stanley

14 Nov 2021 Abercrombie & Fitch with Stanley

12 Oct 2021 Cornell 2

29 Sep 2021 Cornell 1

Lazada Family Club
1) 1 Sep 2021 Ultimate Unboxing

2) 15 Sep 2021 Sleep Starter Pack

3) 22 Sep 2021 Big Brands Baby Prices

4) 29 Sep 2021 Around the World for Baby

20 June 2021 Samsung Smart Lock

24 April 2021 Chow Sang Sang

30 Jan 2021 Chow Sang Sang with Stanley

12 Dec 2020 Bose with Stanley

7 Dec 2020 Airbot

5 Dec 2020 Logitech

4 Dec 2020 Roborock with Stanley

5 Nov 2020 Airbot

3 Nov 2020 Roborock

26 Oct 2020 Chow Sang Sang

20 Oct 2020 Isetan

19 Sep 2020 Consumer’s Top Pick 2020

20 Sep 2020 Consumer’s Top Pick 2020

8 Sep 2020 Bose with Stanley

Introducing Paige Meimei~ [2020]

I was pretty entertained by myself actually during the Lazada livestream – Lazlive. Hope you are as well!

Paige meimei on lazada livestream lazlive
“Hello! I am Paige Meimei!”

Is this consider as talent :p (hahhhaah) I am surprise how I can pull it off, making jokes along the way. Even the client and Lazada team (behind the scenes) are watching and enjoying the show as we stream live. Indeed it was executed without much planning and it wasn’t scripted though!

Had this random idea….

because this is the second time doing Lazada livestream for the same client with the same product and the same co-host. That makes me wonder how to do it differently? Well client also asked la how can we add in more fun elements like playing games and challenge with their product on the stream. Haven’t got to that yet at the moment..

So I thought why not add some role-play/charater while I introduce and sell the item. Who will buy these item… mother? father? Aunties? Trying to think from the audience perspective and how can I add interesting elements to the stream so people will stay on the stream and be entertained at the same time while they learn more about the product. I am glad it turns out to be quite an infotainment episode, you can watch it here https://s.lazada.sg/s.HtEX

Thankful to emcee Stanley who rope me in for Lazada livestream projects. Forturnately it was a breeze to co-host with him. I secretly looking forward to more livestream on Lazada, and more roles to play with. Hopefully more infotainment coming up soon~

can you see me~
co host on Lazada livestream
co-host with Stanley
Roborock S6 Max V

If you’re getting yourself a robot vacuum cleaner, head to Lazada and get their Roborock S6 Max V! Let me know if you require additional discount! I have vouchers and it’s stackable wor. https://www.lazada.sg/products/roborock-s6-max-v-robotic-vacuum-cleaner-i851582664-s2913708864.html?spm=a2o42.searchlist.list.1.22df215cU3JmIB&search=1

Actually it kept me thinking…

Livestream nowadays ain’t that straightforward anymore. How do you keep people staying at your stream. Audience are picky too they want to watch something entertaining not just seeing you introducing and selling stuffs. It’s like bringing livestream to the next level. Hope Lazada (and emcee Stanley) gives me more opportunity to stream for other brands so I can explore other roles as well.

9.9 Sale!

Next Lazada livestream for Roborocks is happening on 8/9/2020, obviously is for the next big sale happening on 9.9. Hope to “see you” on Lazlive soon!