Ariston Andris2 TOP commercial is out!

Watch here! My Ariston commercial on YouTube

YouTube - Ariston Andris 2 Top commercial
on Youtube now

Did you came across this video while on Youtube? Yes it’s me don’t click me away. I think my acting turns out quite natural, quite satisfied with my performance. Initially was quite worried if I will look fake >.< . You can watch it on YouTube now and feel free to give me some feedback. The ad will also appear as advertisement so don’t be surprised if it pops up. Honestly I kinda miss acting actually. Those days when I had the opportunity for TV and commercials. I am able to throw my original self away and be someone else on screen. But sometimes I am lucky enough to get roles that I can just be myself too. Recently, I had another project with Mediacorp Channel 8 Drama and has started airing on MeWatch and on the tv as well.

Mojoideas – reasons to smile

Thanks to Jaze from Mojoideas giving me opportunity to film this for their client Ariston. Thank you for always thinking of me whenever you have such commercial projects. I am thankful for the faith and trust in me. Mojoideas is an extremely fun team and easy to work with. By the way they also do wedding photography and videography. Looking forward to more projects with them in the near future. Behind the scene post is here.

Acting VS Hosting

Comparing acting and hosting, memorising scripts is actually tougher than free play on stage >.< same same but different. I felt Acting is tougher, because everything is captured on screen- expression, your every word, body language, positioning where you stand to make sure you’re not out of the screen. Hosting has its other part of challenge such as don’t know what the audience is gonna throw at you. Oh well, happy to be doing what I am passionate about! Why not take this chance to dig out this commercial filmed a decade ago… Me on Garnier advertisement

Garnier 16 Skin Tone Search -  Commercial
16 skin tone search commercial

I wa involved in this skin tone search advertisement project in year 2010. Oh gosh it has been a good decade. I remember joining the Garnier skin tone search event somewhere off-town. So Garnier categorise women skin tones into 16 different tones. I think mine was skin tone number….. 4?6? haha can’t remember well. I won for my category of skin tone number 4/6. Hence there are actually 16 winners for this search competition. Out of the 16 of us, 3 were hand-picked by the judges to film for their commercial.

I am really lucky to be the chosen!

The filming took place in Bangkok. All of us were there for about 3-4 days. The filming team was very professional! They had make up, wardrobe and the most impressive part is the studio – so huge! I remembered we took SQ flight, went to banyan tree rooftop bar, stayed in a boutique hotel.

All of us were enjoying ourselves very much. It’s a definitely a rare and eyeopening opportunity that is hard to come by. Ariel, the girl beside me in this Garnier commercial still remembers me and recently got me to host for her wedding. I shall have another blog post sharing more about her wedding lunch.