Covid19 Wedding, Banquet: couples affected

hosting wedding held on 22Dec2019

As a vendor, emcee for wedding banquet, I am also a victim too. Wedding planning during this Covid19 period is definitely challenging.

It started with the measure of 250 pax…

When the 250 pax measures was out, I tried my best to assure and advise my wedding client what I can do to make the wedding happen. With me as their wedding emcee, I can constantly remind guests not to shake hands., suggest to do away with table-photo taking, play childhood montage/gatecrash videos after march in. That way, guests can eat and watch to shorten the time spent in the ballroom. However now with the 10pax restrictions, weddings have to be postpone or cancel, no two ways about it. 

“Who break rules meant to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore could face jail terms and fines under new regulations that came into effect at 11.59pm on Thursday (Mar 26).”

from StraitsTimes

aiyo that sounds so scary. So what’s next. Perhaps many couples are waiting to see what government will come up with to help Wedding couples who are affected by this Covid19. The bill and relief should be out in a few days time. The bill concerns me as I am a wedding emcee vendor, and also a victim as my wedding is suppose to happen in May 2020. Well is either postpone to “don’t know when” or cancel. Honestly very much inclined to cancel the wedding.

As an emcee, I try my best to render as much assistance I can to my Wedding client.

Just like how most of my vendors are assisting me as well during this uncertainty Covid19 period- Not sure to postpone, downscale or cancel the wedding. Like many couples, decision lies with the hotel. Huge sum of the money paid is the hotel deposit,. Heard that some hotels even charge 100% for cancellation. Amidst the current Covid19 situation, shouldn’t we all have to be kind and patient most importantly stay safe and be socially responsible and not hold Wedding.

Can’t imagine if were to continue this wedding.

What if someone got the virus and spread at the wedding unknowingly. We will be damn guilty for life. Bride and groom are risking their own life to be exposed to so many guests at one time. And 14 days after the wedding, instead of making babies, they will be worried if their phone rings.

Who dares to comes? For those who come, I am sure they are my super steady true real friends, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. But are you their true real friend? If I am a true friend, I would rather rather they be selfish at this time. They have family and children to go home to, it’s not worth taking the risk. Don’t risk your life for my wedding please.

why some couples prefer to cancel?

Some of the Brides/grooms might be working in the frontline, or they might have guests who are doctors, nurses or even cabin crew. Shouldn’t the hotel allow us to be socially responsible by not holding our wedding at this period of time. What have couples done to be penalized by the cancellation fees.

Not easy to simply postpone a wedding. Some couples, like myself, instead of signing wedding packages they have own preferred photographer, videographer, MUA etc. To laise for another common available auspicious wedding date is nightmare. And the annual leave of couple and family members? so easy to apply meh.

Feeling helpless and frustrated, I have signed and support the petition. Hope that will help to garner more voice to alert the government that something needs to be done. Poor newly weds I am sure they just want to life a happily ever after life. Looking forward to government assistance in this. Hope Covid19 will be over soon and we can all enjoy Wedding.

Wedding photo taken in Santorini
with or without wedding banquet, marriage can still be happily ever after.

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